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November 2019

Leadership Between the Lines

Where? Camp Gray

When? November 14th, 2019 8:30am to 4:30pm

What? Contrast Makes the Picture Better: Seeing Diversity in a Different Light


For SCIL participants only

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From the 2018 class - SCIL Day November

“We need to lead by example by embracing and integrating diversity as well as taking action/speaking up when we observe insensitive behavior.”

“Being mindful and sensitive to difference is crucial to communication, necessary for leadership.”

“As leaders, we need to have diversity in our minds at all times.”



October 2019

Leadership Between the Lines

Where? Sauk County Health Care Center, 1051 Clark Street, Reedsburg

When? October 10, 2019 - 8:30 am - 4:30pm

What? Lead & Succeed: You Can’t Lead without a Network

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From the 2018 class - SCIL Day October

“Both empathy and trust are huge factors for a leader. They need to be clearly defined as one person may have different definitions. Active listening is key.”

“Communication and listening are the foundation.”

“Leadership is about relationships! Relationships are about trust.”


September 2019

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4.7/5 stars

SCIL DAY Orientation Video - CLICK HERE.

First Step on the Journey

Where? Durward’s Glen

Special Note: Limited cell coverage available at this location

When? September 12th & 13th

What: overnight retreat 8:00 am (12th) to 2 pm (13th)

From the 2018 class - SCIL Day September

“Having the ability to build relationships with everyone in the class. This will allow us to be more familiar with one another in order to collaborate and learn more/ get more out of the program.”

“Bonding as a group. For example, sharing leadership stories, colors, campfire, making dinner. This bonding is very beneficial because it allows us to get to know one another as we continue to work together for the next 9 months.”