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“A leader takes people where they want to go. A great leader takes people where they don’t necessarily want to go, but ought to be.” – Rosalynn Carter


Leadership Award

exemplary communication skills and the ability to empower and motivate others

The Sauk County Institute of Leadership (SCIL) has presented the Sauk County Leadership Award to a resident or organization that has exhibited exemplary communication skills and the ability to empower and motivate others.

The award recipients are passionate people with the ability to spark enthusiasm and create a common vision.

This Leadership Award was designed to celebrate and recognize all the leaders that help make Sauk County a great place to live, work and play.

Award Recipients


2005 Roger Shanks

2006 Dr. Anthony Kujawa

2007 Dr. Robert Mortimore

2009 Joe VanBerkel

2010 Reedsburg Area Medical Center

2011 St. Clare Hospital & Health Services

2012 Sauk Prairie Memorial Hospital

2013 – Sauk County Board of Supervisors

2014 – NUK-USA

2015 - University of Wisconsin - Baraboo

2016- Jenny Erickson - University of Wisconsin

2017 - Cliff Thompson, Superintendent, Sauk Prairie School District

2019 - Jeff Jelinek - Sauk County Emergency Management Director

Karen DeSanto – Boys & Girls Club, W. Central Wisconsin




Class of 2017

Rachel Breunig, Stephanie Brickl, Ann Calhoun, Kyle Crosby, Elizabeth German, Abby Hays, Jeff Hoeben, Joshua Holler, Tricia Jones, Cindy Kissack, Ashley Litscher, Tezra Menne, Lexie Meyer, Nathaniel Newby, Jennifer Niles, David Olson, Matt Ryczek, Meg Sage, Katie Schofield, Charles Spencer, Jodi Vogel, Haley Weisert, Kurt Wenger, Robin Whyte

Class of 2019

Jessica Bergin, Niki Conway, Pedro Dominguez, Theresa Douglas, David Earleywine, Jennifer Gavin, Nicki Green, Abby Howell-Dinger, Kira Meister, Gina Mitcham, Emily Olson, Kyra Peach, Jared Pinkus, Ross Retzlaff, Sara Roltgen, Ashley Schreiber, Linda Spencer